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Our Services

P&M Tax is a full-service, year-round, tax firm serving individuals and businesses.

We offer:

Tax Planning

We align your financial goals with efficient tax planning strategies. We help you explore and accomplish your goals in the most tax efficient manner possible by devising strategies during the year in order to minimize your tax liabilities. Through careful evaluation, we assist you in planning your tax obligations for the year. We ensure that you receive all deductions and credits that you are entitled to claim.

Tax preparation

We are experienced in all aspects of tax preparation, including individual returns, small businesses, partnership, and others. Our comprehensive interview, due diligence, and computerized return preparation process ensure that your return is accurate, low audit possibility, and completed in a timely manner.

Tax consultation

Our comprehensive knowledge of the tax law enables us to provide you with guidance in the structuration of your transactions and up to date information about the changes affecting your particular case.

Next Step?

Call or write to us to schedule your non obligation free consultation with one of our experienced tax professionals. We can make a big difference in your financial life by helping you to minimize your tax liabilities.

Other Services:

 We provide translation services of documents from French and Creole into English, as well as interpretation services to individuals, translation and interpretation to companies, law firms, school districts, claims adjusters, boards, commission members, and others.

We not offer legal advice!