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  • Tax Season Starts Monday January 29, 2018.

  • Don't wait the last minute to file. Some taxpayers could still reduce their tax liabilities for 2017 if they act early!

  • Taxpayers without children could receive up to $520 of earned income credit in addition to their refund! Taxpayers with 3 or more qualifying children could get a maximum credit up to $6, 444.

    We apply the complicated tax law to your particular tax situation to get you the maximum refund.

​P&M TAX is open year round.

You could be one among the THOUSANDS of taxpayers who have unclaimed $$$$ at the IRS. Whether you used a tax software to prepare your return for the past 2 years or you paid a tax preparer to prepare your return, you might miss some legal deductions and credits. We will review your last 2 years tax returns FREE.

You didn't work much for the past 2 years and thought you did not have to file, you would be surprised to know how much refund that you left unclaimed.

You could have some unclaimed money waiting for you.

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